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With the continuous improvement of our national economy and people's living standards, urban residents eager to return to nature, close to nature in consumer demand is increasingly urgent, fishing and outdoor recreation industry came into being. In order to further promotion services and to promote the popularization and development of fishing and outdoor leisure activities, health, environmental protection, leisure, philosophy of life is passed to the general public, to guide people to feel natural, and understand themselves and promote the history of the development of fishing and outdoor recreation industry and the status quo, the popularity of fishing and outdoor recreation knowledge, promotion of fishing and outdoor leisure activities, vigorous advocacy, training and development of more family fishing and outdoor recreation enthusiasts, promote and introduce the latest high quality products of fishing and outdoor industry sponsored by the Hubei Provincial social Sports management Center, Hubei Association of Fishing, outdoor Sports Association of Hubei Province, Wuhan Zhongxing Hengyuan Exhibition service Co., Ltd. jointly sponsored the "2013 China Wuhan Fishing Supplies Trade Fair" (referred to as: Wuhan fishing Exhibition) held in Wuhan international Convention and Exhibition Centre, will be held April 20, 2013 -22 By then, we will be the new lineup, a powerful high-quality buyers, visit the fishing group, the most professional exhibition concept, the most remarkable exhibition services, the most powerful propaganda, carefully crafted the most influential of the central and western regions force only professional fishing and outdoor supplies trading platform.